Coach Biography


I am a senior OSA/CSA certified coach. I have a PhD in Electrical Engineering but a bigger passion for sports, including soccer, tennis, and running which I avidly practice. I was born in Chile and I grew up in Brazil, where most people live and breath soccer every day. It is a place where during vacations children go to the street soon after breakfast and play soccer until sunset, and during the school year, they go out to play soon after they get back home. Recesses consist also of soccer. Their skills develop naturally, and winning too - based on skills and a developed passion for the game that comes with it. They play on dirt fields, some playing barefoot (grass fields and cleats are a luxury!)

I have coached recreational and competitive teams, I run soccer summer camps during my vacations, and I also run spring, fall, and winter skills development sessions outdoors, on gyms, as well as in domes when we can find turf time. I also organize a pickup game open to all for over 17 years. We play outdoors in the west end, our record is December 8. We are still going at it. Come and join us!